Monday, December 20, 2010

Nice to be Home for the Holidays

Although we love to travel and visit friends and family it's nice to be home for the holidays.

We left the Myanmar (Burma) border and spent three days in Bangkok visiting Daeng's sister. She is a sweet lady that works in a restaurant that caters to shoppers at a large shopping mall in the center of Bangkok.

Although only about 1-2% of the people that live in Thailand are Christians the main areas have lots of Christmas decorations.

We spent one evening site seeing the Christmas decorations at the big shopping centers.

Then onward to California. It was very good to get back into our own bed. We had a lot of fun during our trip and it was nice to work on our vacation home in Northern Thailand but I think we, both Daeng and I, like our home here in California the best.

We think the decorations here in Southern California are the best.

On Saturday we went to Amy's Christmas Party. Amy is my youngest daughter. She and Daeng get along great as they are about the same age. Okay, lighten up folks!

That is my Grand-daughter, Crystal, across from me. She is the one with the big, bright smile.

Not to bore you but I also had a Happy Birthday celebration with most of the family, yesterday. Sister Diane, put together a lunch with a cruise around Newport Beach harbor.

It was raining but was wonderful being with friends and family. Daeng, who gets motion sickness, even had a great lunch and some fun on the boat.

We could not bring Mom due to the rain and the problems of loading her in her wheel chair but we did stop at her care center for some cake and birthday wishes in the afternoon.

Daeng and I want to wish everyone a Happy & Safe Holiday Season!

Love to ALL!
Terry & Daeng