Friday, August 28, 2009

Comedy in Recovery 08-28-09

Yep, another good show at the old "thrift store".

The old pro, Mike McCulley hosted the show and was super funny doing some of Barry Weisenberg's material.

He even had Barry laughing.

Bob Fardy, the new producer of "Comedy in Recovery" had folks laughing with his humor on current events.

Kerry Arnold Stephens came over from Long Beach to give us a heads up on the neighborhood.

Barry Weisenberg gave us a couple hundred one liners with his beautiful style.

Speaking of neighborhood, Janae Burris told us about growing up in the hood.

Matt Claybrooks closed the show with his outlook on what turns him on. Wow!

Next week we have an ALL GIRLS SHOW with Matt Hines as our Host. Grace Fraga, Debbie Lockhart and Janine Hayes will be having fun at the mic, too.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A GREAT Show at "Thrift Store"

Wow, another GREAT show at the old "thrift store" now called "Changes Club".

The show started out with Kamaka Brown talking about his life growing up in Hawaii. Kamaka has quite a background as he has opened for the Temptations, Chuck Barry & B. B. King, to name a few.

He brought up Warrne Hendon first who made the audience laugh with his southern style humor.

Mark Schumacher kept everyone laughing as he talked about his life and the folks around him.

Wendy Wilkins then took over the mic. Wendy and I both graduated from the same high school in Vestal, New York. Vestal is a small town in the upstate area. Of course there was about thirty years or so between us.

The folks at the "thrift store" loved Wendy's comedy about her relationship with her husband.

Then my friend, Barry Weisenberg, made everyones sides hurt from laughing with his old style, comic, one liners.

"Ro" Delle Grazie then finished off everyone with her New York style, female humor. My sides hurt from laughing, as well.

Thanks everyone for laughing and making folks laugh.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Great Night at "Thrift Store Comedy Show"

We had a great night at the old "thrift Store" comedy show.

Bob Frady hosted the show with his friendly comical attitude.

Then our friend Matt Hines got the crowd laughing even more.

Courtney Ca took the stage with her great hair do to keep the funny ball rolling.

John Tomashefsky took over the mic with his observances of life in general.

Lahna Turner had the whole room laughing about her and her two babies. The audience loved her songs and she even had a request for a song she had done at the old "thrift store" over three years ago.

Then our friend Jay Hewlett brought the house down as he got the audience members up to the mic to enact a kung-fu movie making shoot.
Come by Friday night for another funny comedy show!
Click here for directions and information:

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Great-Grandson

We started out Sunday morning driving to my grand-daughter, Jasmine's home in Mira Loma to meet my new Great-Grandson, Isaiah and Dad, Edwardo.

Yep, that's the little guy on the right.

Yes, I said: "Great-Grandson". That term makes me feel real old.

We all jumped in the car and made the 45 mile trip to see my Mother, Grandma Jean as she calls herself, and surprised her.

She was surprised, too.

Isaiah Edwardo Rizo was born April 27, 2009 and is just a happy little boy.

We took lots of pictures and had a nice visit and lunch together.

Great-Grandson, I am old!
Just think how Daeng feels being a Great-Grandmother at her age.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Thrift Store Show

We had another great Friday night.

It was all about the kick butt show at the "thrift store" comedy show.

Bill Word started the show and kept people laughing with his friendly humor.

Pat Leborio then made folks sides hurt with his unusual look at life and his face making.

California's Funniest Female, Lang Parker, just pointed out how hard it is to be a tom-boy and still get boys to date her.

Orange County's Funniest Person, Tim Shaw, kept the audience laughing while talking about an old school mate finding him on "facebook", especially when he didn't want to be found. Tim does have a great smile!
Next Friday night is Bob Frady as emcee, Matt Hines, Courtney Ca, Lahna Turner and Jay Hewlett. Show starts at 9:30 PM.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Great Weekend

It was a great weekend even with my throat being sore. I guess it is a message saying: "You talk to much."

The fun started Friday night at the "thrift store" show. It was another good show with John Mader as emcee,

Matt Walker, Hannah Gansen
and the serial killer of comedy Mike Muratore.

The audience even laughed at my except for the dream I had of me being an addict. Yes, I had a dream about being addicted to picking my nose and eating.........

I even went to a BEA meeting.......

Since they didn't laugh I not going to tell you about the dream.

I thought it was funny but I'm perverted.

On Sunday, my brother Sam (Same Mother but differant Father) and I celebrated 13 years without using any mind altering substences.

Yep, we even had a cake!
It was a great weekend.