Saturday, July 25, 2009

Comedy in Recovery

As many of you know, for almost eight years I had produced a comedy show for people in recovery. The show was to give people a place to have some laughs without being around alcohol and other tempting, mind altering substances.

It is one of my belief's that if people don't have fun in what ever they are doing they won't stick around very long.

When I started spending most of my time in Thailand the show stopped. Well, to keep the story short, last night we revived "Comedy in Recovery" aka "Thrift Store Show" aka "Bad News, Good News Show".

We had Wes Martens as host with Cindy Burns, Christian Shirm, Janine Hayes and Debbie Lockhart making funny.
It was a packed room and lots of big laughter's. We all had a blast.
We are going to continue the show every Friday night at 9:30 PM.
For more information just visit the "the thrift store" page at

Monday, July 20, 2009

Our First Wedding Anniversary

Friday, July 17th was our one year wedding anniversary so we decided to take a little trip to Laughlin on the Colorado River in Nevada.

That means since it is in Nevada there are casinos and gambling. Daeng is not a big gambler but she does like the penny video machines that have a lot of action when you hit a jackpot. When I say action, I'm talking about the free spins and all the things that happen on the video screen. You hit the jackpot and just sit back and watch things happen for as long as 20 minutes.
Our friends, Michael and Charlotte from Wasco, California were also speaking at a convention over the weekend so they got us rooms at the same hotel they were staying in.

We met them Friday night around six o'clock at the Riverside Hotel. The temperature was 125 degrees F (about 50 C) in Laughlin that day. Now, that is HOT!

We had dinner and called it an early night. Saturday morning we had breakfast with them and then traveled over to the hotel where the convention was. Another HOT day so we just hung out inside, then took the river taxi back to the hotel we were staying in for a nap.

It was just a relaxing weekend to be together for our one year celebration.
Monday morning drive back to Orange County, California was good. We started back at 4:00 AM, had a truckers breakfast a a big truck stop on the way and missed the heavy traffic.

We had decided to leave the frozen wedding cake in the freezer for another year.

Back to work fixing air conditioning system.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4, 2009 - Dunk Tank

Daeng and I headed to the Mission Viejo Street Faire around 3:00 PM to help our friends Tom Riehl and Catrina with the Dunk Tank.
This is an annual event at the Mission Viejo Street Faire on Independence Day each year. All the proceeds go to the American Cancer Association.

When we arrived it was a warm and sunny day. There seemed to be something for everyone, train rides, food, music, shops and the DUNK TANK.

People were lined up so they could throw balls to dunk the folks that took turns in the dunk tank. I noticed from the roster that our friend Tom was going to be in the dunk tank from 6:00 - 6:30 PM right after the ice cream eating contest. I made a note to save my money so I could dunk Tom.

The day went fast as there was good music of all types. The bands and singers would perform for about and hour and then another group would take over.
At 5:30 PM Daeng, Catrina, Tom and I set up the plastic for the ice cream eating contest. Three teams of two people each made sundaes and feed them to each other blind folded. It was messy but fun to watch.

Then it was time for Tom to take his place in the dunk tank. I was lucky to get a picture of Tom on his way down for the first dunk. Check out the expression on his face.

I also was able to dunk Tom three times out of ten throws. Pretty good for an old guy.

We shut down the dunk tank when it was starting to get dark.
We hung around to watch the fire works.

It was a pleasant day! Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!

We have not posted anything for the last month since we have been back in the good old United States.

The Plumber & Little Thai Girl would like to wish you all a very Happy Independence Day!

Of all the stories about today, we like this one by Barry Farber (Radio Talk Show Host):

The Presbyterian minister took a walk down the block on Christmas morning to visit his young granddaughter. The five-year-old was joyously playing with her generous tower of toys.

"Did your friend next door, Rachel, get Christmas gifts as nice as yours?" the grandfather asked the little girl.

"Oh, no, Grandpa," she said. "Rachel's not Christmas. Rachel's Chanukah. And Rachel's not Easter. Rachel's Passover."

Then her little face lit up as she added, "But we're both Fourth of July!"

If you are looking for some fun today we are helping Tom Riehl with the DUNK TANK at the Mission Viejo Street Faire. Here is the link for directions and stuff: