Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Holy City of Pattaya - Mom - Dentist

Please forgive my spelling and punctuation; I'm a plumber and not a English major. Just read and have fun.
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May 25th, Plane trip was good except the Thai Airline plane stopped in the middle of a unloading area and they bussed us to the terminal.

Jon was waiting for us. 

We stopped for lunch at a highway rest area.

There is just about any kind of food or drink you can think of here.

We just had noodle soup.

We made it and are staying tonight in the center of the fun zone at the Lek Apartments.

I am going to rest for an hour and then meet up with some English speaking friends at a meeting. 

May 26th, Good morning, I woke up and as a friend told me once: "Everyday above the clay is a good day."

I know it is after 8:00 AM as I just hear the Thailand National Anthem which is played countrywide at 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM. 

Almost all Thais stop what they are doing, stand up and face the area the music is coming from. It is a heartwarming thing to see.

I have a 11 AM appointment with the dentist for LANAP so I'm leaving our room at 10:00 AM and take a Baht Bus, aka Songthaew, to the dentist. 

Also, we are going to look for a different place to stay as when we checked in we did not see some things that we cannot put up with. These are things like black mold in bathtub and tile, toilet not flushing well, etc. Things we should not have to put up with on a holiday.

I forgot to mention you can get almost any kind of fish or seafood you would like here. 

At many of the restaurants you pick out the live fish, they weigh it and cook it to order. Yummy! 

As I said, after we check into the Lek Apartments we discovered some things we did not see on our original room inspections. Things like the to toilet not flushing solids. 

No, I am not going to fix it on vacation. We were not crazy about the black mold in the bathtub, either.

I took a walk and talked with the nice desk lady, "Tick", at the Sutus Court Hotel. She had the bus boy show me one of the cheap rooms, 750 THB, which was nice but not exactly what I was looking for.

I went back and told her I was looking for a nice room with a lighted desk area so I could type on the internet while Daeng was sleeping. She told me she had a nice room in the new building but it was 950 THB a night. A Thai Baht, THB, is worth about 3 US cents so that is $28.50 a night.

Remember, I have problems when counting because if I take off my shoes I can only count to 21. and if it is a cold day, 20 and 1/2.

Anyway, it was perfect. I told Tick we wanted to stay a week and she said she could discount to 900 THB a night. I called Daeng, she came over and liked it as well.

We went back and packed up and walked our own bags from the Lek Apartments to the Sutus Court Hotel. It is kind of like "the walk of shame that you girls go through after a one nighter" dragging our bags behind us. But, It was close and quick.

I did ask the man that checked us in it he wanted to know why we were leaving and he simply said: "No." Daeng and I both laughed. TIT (This Is Thailand)

We learned later, it has a nice swimming pool and spa, free to hotel guests.

After we checked in I was soaking wet so I took a shower and put on dry clothes to go to the dentist.

To get to my 11:00 AM dentist appointment I hopped on to a motorbike taxi, that is a motorbike and driver that will take you someplace, quick. The quick is always the scary part as they will do all the thing that you should not do like lane sharing, (an understatement) drive on wrong side of the road, drive on sidewalk, etc.

I showed him where I wanted to go from the map on the card and he said 60 THB

Well, I made it early as the driver was quick. I paid him the 60 THB that we agreed on before I got on the motorbike and he said: "What, no tip?" I realized that we are now in a tourist area but did ask him: "What did you do special for me?" He just drove aways.

I walked into the office and everyone was cheerful and smiley. I filled out a little form asking me all the medical stuff and was taken upstair to meet the dentist, Dr. Bo. 

She is a very nice lady who speaks very good English. She examined my mouth and sat down eye to eye with me.

She stated the prognosis for the LANAP treatment helping me was not good. I had one tooth that was already loose and did not think that gum would attach to that tooth. She showed me the two teeth on the bottom that she did not feel the LANAP treatment would work for either. 

She then said if I wanted the LANAP she would arrange it but thought it was a waste of 10,000 THB.

She told me she recommended "Extreme Deep Cleaning" which was a little painful on some of the areas and pull the loose tooth so it could be replaced with a three tooth bridge as both teeth beside it are in good shape, root wise, and already have crowns on them.

We talked about having an implant installed for that tooth and she explained that the bone loss probably would not allow that but if I want to look into that she would arrange for Dr. Ken, the implant specialist, to check it. She said that decision could be made in the future, after the area of extraction healed.

We talked more and she stated that if the deep cleaning did not help then the LANAP could still be done. She also talked more of the bone loss that I had and the lose tooth was sure not to make it much longer.

I thought to myself, she is talking me out of a 10,000 THB treatment for a 3,000 THB treatment, she must be telling me the truth.

The extraction would be another 1,500 THB as it is a multi-root tooth.

We talked a little more and I agreed on the "Extreme Deep Cleaning". We moved to another office and she took almost an hour to clean all my teeth. Some areas were very painful but although she told me to stop her if it was too bad and she would numb that area. Anyway, I made it.

When she was done with the cleaning we talked more about the lose tooth. She told me that it had root canals done so when it broke it would not hurt me and I could just wait until it went altogether.

That was what the periodontist told me last year about a tooth on the other side. When that one broke it was in the USA and cost me a several hundred dollars to remove the roots of the tooth. Also the gun around that tooth was starting to be sore.

We agreed to extract it now. There was no pain whatsoever, even when she inserted the needle to numb the area, It took her just a few moments to pull the tooth. After she gave me the tooth with the cap she showed me why I made a good decision.

She also told me when I returned in the fall a three tooth bridge would be 45,000 THB ($1,345 US) and an implant on the other side would be 55,000 THB (($1,642 US) including the tooth cap on top of the implant. She would recheck the other areas again and see if the gums were reattaching to the teeth.

I made an appointment for September 14th.

By the way, motorbike back was only 50 THB and due to the one way streets it was harder to get back. TIP (This Is Pattaya)

After the tooth extraction, I took a nice nap. 

At 5:00 PM I left the hotel to find an NA meeting in Jomtien Beach. It took me 3 songthaews to get there but I found it at the Silver Spoon Restaurant right on Beach Road between Soi 7 and Soi 8.

It was a great meeting with over 30 folks in attendance. It was nice to see some old friends, also.

It was kind of a special meeting to me as a long time ago I asked this old Mexican gangster how many 12 step meetings I had to go to before I would be cured. He laughed and told me everyone was different but he would like me to keep track of my meetings and let him know when it happened.

Last night’s meeting was number 4,600 and I will let him know when I'm cured.

By the way, I took both these pictures standing in the same spot.

A NOTE:  Yes, I know, anonymity at the level of Press, Radio and ............. I'm just grateful and thanks to God, NA and all my friends I am still alive.

May 27th, Daeng and I went for a little dip in the spa.

It was nice and not too warm so it was refreshing.

I laugh as after being naked for millions of people on Playboy TV, wearing a small Speedo is pretty calm.

Here is a little clip of that: CLICK HERE

May 28th, Good morning, How about an early morning swim in the big pool. 

On vacation 10:30 AM is early morning.

We have been taking it pretty easy here in this fun city. 

Daeng has been shopping and I have been going to some meetings.

We both manage to get some massages so we fell pretty well. 

We need to rest up for the nightlife here in Pattaya. 

Here is some more fun in the sun; a selfie of us in the mirror and a picture of Daeng under a tree by the pool.

We went onto the roof of this 7 story hotel and took some pictures.

In one of the pictures, you can see one of the places that Mom said she wants to be.

Here is a picture of the view of Pattaya from that hill.

While we were on the roof I, as an HVAC guy, noticed the heat recovery system that this hotel uses to heat the domestic water that we shower with.

What is does is reclaim the heat from the air conditioning condensers and heats the water that is used for showers, etc.

The system is nicely done and seems to work great. 

NOW, I had a dream last night that the dentist scammed me on Tuesday. She talked me out of the LANAP procedure that I requested when I went to the dentist on Tuesday. 

In the dream, it was because she did not have the equipment so she talked me into just deep cleaning.

I took ownership of my feelings and went to the dentist's office today to see the equipment. The lady at the desk did not know what I was talking about when I said LANAP equipment. That worried me even more. She told me I would have to wait for the dentist.

We said: "Okay, we will sit down and have a cup of your free coffee."

We waited about 45 minutes and another lady came and took me to the same treatment area that I had my original exam in. She pointed to the equipment and I checked it with the demonstration video I had on my cell phone.
Sure enough, it was the laser equipment that was used in the demo video.

Just then Dr. Bo came in and asked me if everything was okay. I told her my dream and she laughed saying that she treated me better than she would treat her Father. I told her I want to be treated better than her boyfriend.

She then proceeded to tell me she loved her Father more than her boyfriend. She also explained that the success of the LANAP procedure was very questionable.

She said she will check me again in three months. I felt so much better and am glad I took positive action to verify this.

I will cancel my appointment with the dentist in America that was going to do the procedure for $3,500 USD. 

My Mother gave me a long list of places where she wanted her ashes to be scattered. 

Two on the list was on top of the hill overlooking Pattaya and the ocean at Pattaya.

She picked these places from seeing them in pictures.

I showed the picture on one of the places to one of the ladies on the desk here in the hotel. She said that it was by the Big Buddha on top of the hill.

Daeng and I agreed that we would not drive motorbikes here in Pattaya and with all the tourists driving motorbikes and drinking, the traffic is very dangerous. 

So we talked to a songthaew driver and made and agreement to take us to the Big Buddha, wait for us and bring us back.

When we got to the Big Buddha we realized it was not the place in the picture that Mom showed me. 

It is beautiful and does overlook Jomtien Beach and Pattaya so we felt we should give Mom the benefit of being there, also.

When we walked back to the songthaew the driver laughed and told us that was the other side of the hill.

He said he would take us there. 

It was not far to the other side of the hill and the "View Point" was exactly the place.

The songthaew driver also seconded as our photographer as Daeng and I scattered Mom so she can always view this beautiful area.

It was coconut ice cream on the way down the hill to the beach. 

We picked a spot on the beach that is central to Pattaya Beach. 

The tide was midway out so we could find a nice spot at the end of Soi 6 and Beach Road.

We think Mom would like it as she always loved the beach. 

When we came off the sand we stopped at what I call a Praying Temple. 

Although we are not Buddhists we still believe there is only one God regardless of the names used.

We said a prayer for Mom and to be mindful of all the people in the world and to guide us on our way.

Daeng also did sticks for her fortune.

It was a good day.

We are going back to our room, I'm going to shower and meet some friends for a meeting.

Friday I will place Mom in the Ocean at Jomtien Beach. She did not have that on her list but it is a nice place, also. 

On the way back we walked up Soi 6.  

The only thing that confused me was the girls in the Spider Lady Bar had on bunny outfits. 

This is Pattaya. 

Daeng and I laughed as for Throw Back Thursday on FaceBook we posted this picture.

May 29th, Here are some of the pictures on the cigarette packs and people still buy them.

I guess John Wayne was correct when he said: "You can't fix stupid!" 

After a great massage I stopped for some comfort food, a Subway Melt.

It tasted good but expensive for Thailand as the 6" was 129 THB. That is about $3.90 US.

They did have the ham 6” on sale for 59 THB but I did not see that until I was leaving.

That’s the story of my life.

Jomtien Beach was not on Mom's list but it is synonymous with Pattaya Beach. I think it is a lot cleaner, less populated and quieter.

Daeng and I have talked about living here.

A nice Russian lady took my picture placing Mom in the ocean.

This is the last place in this part of the world that Mom wanted to be. 

I still have a few places in California and New York to do.

Mom, we love you. 

I walked up the road to the NA meeting area and passed by this massage shop.

Like I said before, you can get anything you want here. 

May 30th, Good morning, it’s time for Pa Thong Ko and watering the flowers.

I have watched this little guy help his Mother.

He delivers things, washes ashtrays and is just very helpful. 

Now, let's talk about the economy.

The price of gold is steady.

The US dollar is up compared to the Thai Baht.

The lingerie is down.  I'm talking cost here folks. 

For dinner it's comfort food, again.

Tonight it is spaghetti with Italian meat sauce and freshly grated cheese.

It was good except the spaghetti was blanched so it could be served fast when ordered.

I had a massage with "Two" today as the massage lady, "Thai", took a three day holiday. 

Two has given me a massage in the past and is very good.

She has a lot of ink art on her 38 kilogram body. I ask if I could take a picture of her back.

She said: "No, I am shy but since I know you I will give you a picture."

It is beautiful work.

Daeng thinks she is too skinny at 84 pounds. We also want you to know she had her clothes on when she gave me a massage. 

May 31st, Good morning, this is what I woke up to.

I am impressed at what you girls will do to look beautiful.

I had a little breakfast before the Expat Club meeting.   

I also made sure I got some deserts, also. 

The food was good but the meeting, sorry to say, was very boring. 

I left early and had my picture taken in front of the interview area. 

We had a little dip in the spa and a shower before dinner.

Life is good!

June 1st, I got up early and called my auto insurance company and put the insurance on our car starting June 3rd. 

I also called the cable company and turned on our cable service.  

Daeng went to have a little laser cosmetic surgery done and I went shopping at maybe the largest shop as far as tourist stuff goes. 

It is a huge place that has almost anything a tourist would want. 

I laughed at the dog eating the lady's meat on a stick. 

We just need to pack our stuff as we leave the hotel at 1:30 PM for the car ride to the Bangkok airport.

Our plane leaves at 5:05 PM and we will be in Los Angeles three hours later.

Yep, that messes with my head, too. 

We will let everyone know how the plane trip went when we get to California