Saturday, January 2, 2016

December in California 2015

Please forgive my spelling and punctuation; I'm a plumber and not a English major. Just read and have fun.
You can click on any of the pictures and they become larger.  
December 11th - It is nice to be back from Thailand.  Our car started right up and everything was just like we left it.  

We turned the hot water heater back on, uncovered the furniture and went to bed. 

We rested but back less than 18 hours and already in the swing of Christmas, it's a concert at Piecemakers.

In one of the pictures daughter Amy is smiling and her mother is wondering what I'm up to now.

December 13th - You never know where you will meet your friends. 

It is so great to see you Donna! 

December 14th - We have been resting and fighting jet-lag. 

Daeng has been making bows for Christmas and cooking noodles. 

She makes beautiful bows and delicious noodles. 

December 17th - We have been back a week and I think Daeng is back in the saddle, again. 

Maybe, I should say back in the hoop.

December 19th - I want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes.

My birthday BJ raffle was done last night at 8:00 PM PST and Bobby Manson was 1st winner. 

Because we do not know her/him we drew a backup and Milo Duran Perez was drawn.

Daeng took her name out of the raffle saying: "Not me, I already have my green card!"

Milo, I love you but we hope we can get ahold of Bobby Manson.

Till then, it is onward through the Christmas holiday.

Merry Christmas to all!

We also want everyone to know, dressing up "Akha" is fun. 

Daeng thinks this snowman looks like me. 

December 21st - It's a Merry Christmas Celebration along with Daeng's and my birthdays.  

Daeng was born on Christmas Day in a pig barn along the Burma border. 

No written record but Daeng's Mother is Catholic and remembers it was Christmas.  

It was fun to hangout with all the family on the West Coast.  We all missed Mom. 

We have been doing some work, fixing furnaces. that's a good thing. 

December 23rd - It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. 

December 24th - We repaired a furnace for a couple that has been married 70 years.

Daeng loved their stuffed animals. 

The big one is named Randy. 

December 25th - Robert is going to open TOP for a get together at 7:00 AM this morning.

He said he would also make tweaker coffee. That is the kind that one cup will keep you up for four days.

I am going to stop at Yum-Yum Donuts to pick up the sugar. 

Welcome to the 32 hour meeting at The Other Place.

Then it's the meeting after the meeting with friends at Denny's.

Then it’s Christmas afternoon with daughter Amy, at Piecemakers. 

Life is great.

We hope everyone has a very happy holiday!

Work, work work as it has been cold and windy.  

We love to work as it gives us a feeling of accomplishment to help people and make money, also.

When we are not working, Daeng has been taking pieces of paper and making things with it.

She makes baskets, cell phone holders and all types of things. 

December 31st - We are going to stay home, go to bed early and try to stay awake to watch the ball drop in New York.

HAPPY NEW YEAR  to everyone.