Friday, October 4, 2013

Summer 2013 - CAKE and FRIENDS

We made it back to Thailand but wanted to tell you how great our summer in America was.  Also, please forgive the spelling and punctuation error.  Remember, I'm a plumber and not an English major.

We had a wonderful Summer. We returned from Thailand in June.  It took us a little while to get over jet-lag and get back into the fast way of life in California.

I called this posting "Cake and Friends" because we spent a lot of time having cake with friends.  We love cake and the birthday celebrations that the cake and candles represent. 

One of the very cool things that Daeng, the little Thai girl and my wonderful wife, did for Father's Day was to wrap my aluminum invoice box in heavy paper.  I had been complaining about the metal box making scratches on our car dash everything I touched the invoice box to it.

She wrapped it in heavy elephant dung paper.  I though, how fitting to have a plumber's invoice box covered with elephant poop.

The nice part is the elephant must have eaten a lot of bananas so now my invoice box smells like bananas.  If you don't believe me, the next time you see us just ask for a sniff.

We started off with cake for Angelina's, our great-grand daughter, birthday party.

Daeng says she doesn't mind being a great-grandmother but dislikes being married to a great-grandfather.

We also had fun with our great-grandson, Isaiah.  He is really cute and minds well.  He had a wonderful time in the bubble bounce. 

They both love their grandmother as you can see in this picture.

We love cake and celebrations so we started off with a couple of our friends celebration the good life.  Again, we love cake and celebrations.
It was great to spend some time with our friend's Robin and Carol.  Congratulations to Carol, as well.
George and Jean's cake was delicious, also.  Congratulations to you both.
We also love those huge birthday cards.

Then we got busy with visiting friends.  Pat Leborio invited us to his show at the Irvine Improv.  Pat is a very funny man.  He also believes laughter is healing.

Pat is wearing a very cool shirt, also.  Thanks Pat!

Oh, I almost forgot, it was nice to see our sister, Diane, in the Huntington Beach Independence Day Parade.  She is very active in the Assistance League of Huntington Beach.  

Our mother turned 92 on July 22, 2013.  We had a BIG party with lots of friends and family.

To start things off, my sister Sylvana with husband Rick, daughter and son Shelsea and Ian flew in from New York to surprise her.  She was very surprised.   She had more surprises to come.

On her birthday, Shivaraj picked her up in his special taxi and drove her to Diane's home.

Diane had arranged with Piecemakers, from Costa Mesa, for tent and stage as well as the Piecemaker Band to play for her birthday.  They were playing when she arrived.

 I was glad to see everyone.  My youngest daughter Amy is with Piecemakers so she came along. My oldest daughter, Tina, was present, too.  Amy is sitting next to Daeng and Tina is on the right.

Eric Schwartz, aka: Smooth-E and Suburban Homeboy came by and spent some time with Mom. Mom has done a couple of videos with Eric and is very fond of him.  Here are two videos with Eric.  Just click on names: Chocolate Coins and White Hurr.

She was very surprised and very happy to see him.

We had lots of other entertainment folks and family come by.  Tom Riehl, our website host and funny guy along with his fiancé, Catrina, with lots of Mom's friends came to her wonderful party.  My sister Diane is a real party maker.  Thanks Sis!

Now, what do we do for her 93rd birthday?

Next, cake for Pat.  Congratulations, you help lots of people.

Then, YEA!, it's my turn.  I also want to thank everyone along the NA Program for helping me stay clean for over 17 years!

Now, my sponsor told me that because I had been clean for 17 years, I had to go to 17 different meetings, share in 17 meetings for 17 minutes as well as putting 17 dollars in each meeting's basket.  I'm looking for a new sponsor!

By the way, I did the 17 meetings and went all the way to Bakersfield to have cake with some friends from that area. Thanks, it was a fun time for all.

Daeng likes all the fruits and vegetables that are grown in central California.  We bought back a car load for good stuff to eat.

This picture of Daeng is in a pecan grove.

This summer, at a show at the Improv, we also hooked up with an old friend Rebecca Arthur .  My question is: "Do you think Rebecca makes Daeng look short?"

It was also fun to spend some time with our old friend, Love You Long Time Sam.  We go back a few years.

Now, the fun and cake, as well as the summer, is only about half over.  It was a long and fun summer.  We got to spend some time at the pool with Lahna Turner, April, August and Ralphie May.  We loved this picture of April and Ralphie with April holding the Reserved Sign.  She is "Reserved" for Dad!

More cake for our friend Jeannie.  Congratulations!

Cake is for us young folks.  Here are a couple of pictures at April's birthday party.  You tell me, who is having the most fun, the kids or the adults?

Everyone is dancing!

It's piñata time.  I want some candy!

Okay, more cake for everyone!


Okay, enough cake.  How about a little trip to learn about the 37th President of the United States of America?

Sounds like fun and he was born right here in Orange County in the City of Yorba Linda.

Here is the bed he was born in.

Here Daeng standing with some world powers. 

She is the best looking!

How about a trip to the largest food market I have ever been in.  The funny part is it is right here on Main Street in Santa Ana.

Daeng say the produce is wonderful and the prices are really cheap.

Fresh tortillas, also.

Time for more cake.
  Congratulations Susan!

Okay, how about a little fishing?

My friend, Richard, likes to fish so he bought a little fishing boat.  It is 65 foot long.

We went to San Diego to see him.  Daeng had fun right at the dock. 

We also eat like kings, we love fresh fish.

Although we did not go to sea, Tony, Richard's friend who has been in and around the fishing business since he was a kid, helped Daeng catch fish right at the dock.

She had a blast!

Let me introduce you to the rest of the crew.  This is Sissi,  Her job is to keep the Sea Gulls off the boat.

She also models the new style "Doggy Life Vests".

Then we have Nicky.  Nicky's job is to keep the seals away.  Nicky swims about six hours a day while on seal watch.

We had a wonderful time with Richard, Tony, Sissi and Nicky. 

Thank you!

Yea, more cake.  Last week we celebrated Matt and Milo's accomplishments.  congratulations to you both!

Then it was my little sister's birthday.  The day before we left California we celebrated with Mom, sister Diane and my daughter Tina.  I did block out the number candles, at her request.  You know how those girls are.

We had a great summer and I gained seven pounds eating all the cake.  Now it's diet time in Thailand.